[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting notes for Sunday December 3, 2017

Tom Turner seameadowlake at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 15:18:01 PST 2017

Hi Bobbie, et al.,
    Bobbie, thanks for your great report. Just wanted to note, there were
no problems at all in using the Ubuntu 17.10/Gnome CD you provided to me at
the meeting. It was flawless.

    A few days before the meeting, I had used Ubuntu Software Updater to
update Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 in-place, but the new 17.10 did not work. I
had watched the terminal during the upgrade and wrote-down various error
messages such as "possible missing firmware (lib/firmware/amdgpu/raven
...)," an instruction to run that didn't work, etc.

    Using your CD, Ken S. and I installed Ubuntu 17.10 on my machine,
replacing the non-functioning Ubuntu 17.10. We made various changes to the
partitions, etc.

    Many thanks to you and to Ken. Also thanks to Michael and Ken for
various swag/used items.

    It was a great meeting.


On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 12:29 PM, Bobbie Sellers <
bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com> wrote:

> Hi LUGers,
>     Wow a really big meeting today.
>     I arrived at 10:40 AM and was happy to see Tom who had
> arrived before me seated at the big table.  He wanted a copy
> of Ubuntu 17.10 and after a search I found a disk but he had
> some problems with it.
>     I set up and had no problems getting online.  And while
> some disks did not boot to a desktop I was able to get online
> with all the disks that did get that far.
>     Apparently the signin page has gone away.
>     By 11:00 AM John S. and Michael Paoli had arrived.
> Michael P. has a lovely big 17" Dell Precision Notebook.
>      John S. kept trying different presumably bootable DVDs
> and had trouble with many of them.  I assume this is due to
> the differences between DVD RW drives.
>     I had brought along a considerable variety of distributions
> including Fedora 27, Parrot security lite 3.9 and should have had
> Parrot full security 3.9 on hand, Kali 2017.3 which boots more
> slowly than the Parrot security full but faster than Caine 9.0.
> Debian 9.1, Ubuntu 17.10, Lubuntu 17.10 as well as the
> 16.04.3 versions, Void Linux 20170220, AntiX-17 and
> of course Mageia 6 and my first choice PCLinuxOS64 2017.11
> with KDE 5 and with Mate.  This is in addition to the Knoppix,
> GPartEd, SuperGrub Disk2, and other tools.
>         All the security releases have similar tools most of which
> are beyond my understanding and which will likely stay there
> unless I figure out that someone is messing with my systems
> and router.  Then I might get motivated to look up the man
> pages or online instructions.
>     Now Void Linux and AntiX Linux both had problems booting.
> Some of the failures may be due to the hardware which they
> found as they tried to startup.
>     11:15 Ken Shaffer and his wife showed up bringing
>  along a mutual online friend, Alan S.  Alan like Ken
> and myself is a former(?) Amiga user.  He may show
> up in the future when he is in town.
>     The big table was already full so a couple of the
> square tables were brought up at the inner end of
> the big table to accommodate the new arrivals.
>     11:35 Michael, our Slackware user came in just for
> a little company, coffee and discussion.
>     11:55 against all hope Jim Stockford showed up
> having borrowed his GF's car as she was out of town.
> He basically ate his lunch at the Cafe. as did Michael P.
>     12:00 Noon Aaron C. arrived returning the borrowed
> Linux Pro magazine.
>     12:20 Michael left having errands to run in good time.
>     13:00 we packed up our equipment and left with Jim
> giving Aaron a ride to his next stop and me a ride on home.
>     The next meeting will be on December 18th.
>     The first meeting of the New year will be on Sunday,
> January 7, 2018.
>     I hope the attendees will provide more details of
> their activities if I have omitted exactly what they were
> doing besides talking to each other.
>     Well I hope to see someone in the week before Christmas
> but I know it is a busy time of year.  My shopping was done
> when I picked up a fresh pack of DVDs+RW and CDs RW
> at the Best Buy.  I got them there because that is only shop
> that I can reach that still is carrying these useful items.
> When you see an late release that you want and come to
> the meeting you are getting your gift from me.
>     Happy Holidays To All Of US Linux Users.
>     Bobbie Sellers
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