[sf-lug] EximConfig v2.5 & Exim >=4.50 ... 8-O (balug)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 30 20:15:53 PST 2017

Ah, drats ... an upgrade of exim and ... now doesn't play nice with
EximConfig v2.5 ... got my "homework" to do(/complete).
EximConfig v2.5 may be a very nice - even excellent - starting
point for anti-spam with Exim, but alas, it doesn't look very
actively maintained ...:
EximConfig v2.5
ACL(s) last updated:   11/07/2013
Config last updated:   31/10/2011
... drats ... I should'a seen that one coming.
So, ... looks like demime has long been deprecated in exim, and,
somewhat more recently (apparently Exim >=4.50) been removed - and there's
not exactly a direct replacement in Exim.  So ... need to rework
some Exim antispam config files (that came from EximConfig v2.5).
I tried what seemed approximate replacement ... didn't work (MTA
wouldn't start), attempted disabling those bits ... "oops" ...
didn't get it right.  That bit 'o the configuration started rejecting
everything non-local as spam.  So ... stopped the MTA (this morning)
until I get that sorted out.

Ah well, the Debian 8.9 --> 9.2 upgrade went swimmingly smoothly for
the balug VM ... no issues at all ... except for the totally non-Debian
issue of the integration/(non-)compatibility with (the non-Debian)
EximConfig v2.5.  So ... everything *else* appears fine.

So ... back to the Exim documentation I go ...
The bit in question?  demime, in:

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