[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting note for Monday November 20, 2017

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu Nov 23 07:31:07 PST 2017

On 11/22/2017 08:41 PM, maestro wrote:
> [quoting bobbie s.]
>>> the checksums given by the uploaders do not match.
> huh???

     That is why I request input from the other people who attended the 
meeting in my notes
because I a fully capable of misunderstanding exactly what you are doing 
or attempting to

> confused1 say;
> i don't know where you got that i...ahhh...didn't say that at all.
> this is what happens when you don't pay attention to what someone (or a
> group)
> is saying/doing then report erroneously young lady. please don't emmulate
> the 'MSM'.
>>> He was trying to remotely do the checksum before downloading.
> i...ahhh...i was???
> please do show how i was doing this and post the commands and output.
> wow.
>>> have a filing system that I prefer to follow which Maestro finds
> extraneous to my needs.
> i have no say in nor control over what 'file system(s)' you 'follow'
> (please explain how one follows a file system i will make the popcorn and
> supply the brewer's yeast)..."extraneous" a wee bit this report is so found.
> message ends.
> ____________________
> On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 12:32 PM, Bobbie Sellers <
> bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com> wrote:
>> Hi LUGers,
>>      Sorry I am so late getting out these notes but as far as energy goes I
>> am down
>> to very little after I took care of my errands.  Real life is taking too
>> much out of me.
>>      Well I got to the Cafe Enchante about 5:40 PM, Monday evening.
>>      There were no problems with the setup of the Dell laptop or in getting
>> online.
>> The Dell is running the PCLinuxOS64 KDE5 and is fully updated at that time
>> to
>> kernel 4..13.14.  This is now running on the 700 Gibibyte hard drive from
>> my
>> toasted Pavilion and with the 8 Gigabyte sodimm added it is up to 12
>> Gibibytes.
>>   5:45   Maestro came in a few minutes after that and setup his equipment.
>>   I was able to give him a few distros to experiment with.
>>      Then I booted up the new security distribution,
>> Parrot-full-3.9_amd64.iso.
>> It bring up a Mate Desktop Environment and is loaded with all the security
>> tools you might need.  Not only that it comes up fast unlike the Security
>> version we had at the previous meeting, CAINE 9.0 Linux based on Ubuntu.
>> 6:30 Aaron C. showed up.    He brought along his desktop
>> computer as described in his recent post. as well as his small
>> netbook.
>>      I took the time to try to make a bootable copy of the
>> Parrot-full-3.9_i386.iso to a Flash Drive and gave it to Aaron
>> to try out but he was involved in a struggle to get online.
>> Seems the new check-in page was hard to get to,
>>      I do not really have space for it in my small apartment
>> so it is still available.  Along wtih various external 3.5" drives one
>> in a large USB case marked with penguins.  These are
>> EIDE and PATA drives.  This is a much smaller desktop
>> than I had seen described in the manual but no matter
>> it was too large for my space.  I hope someone who
>> really wants to work with Linux will take this off his hands.
>>      This is Aaron's available desktop computer which description
>> he asked me to include in this meeting report.
>>      HP Compaq dc5000SFT set-up with dual-boot in Linux.
>> Linux Mint 18.2 has kernels 4.10 higher, 4.10 lover, and 4.8
>> probable LTS
>>      Debian GNU/Linux Stretch kernel 4.9.04-PAE.
>>      Passwords presently for user "guest" and "root"(su/admin)
>> are all 'guest123'
>>      Well Maestro got into it about a casual remark I had made
>> that  some isos that I download are problematic in that the
>> checksums given by the uploaders do not match.  He was
>> trying to remotely do the checksum before downloading.
>> I despite the fact that the download may be bad prefer
>> to check the download once it is on my hard disk.  Also
>> because I download a lot of iso files have a filing system
>> that I prefer to follow which Maestro finds extraneous to
>> my needs.
>>      Well 7:45 came soon enough and Maestro was gone
>> like a shot.  Aaron and I walked  on down to the bus stop
>> as soon as we had packed up our stuff.
>>      We took different buses onward.
>>      So it was not a really great meeting but I have seen
>> worse.  If Maestro or Aaron have anything to add to my
>> notes I hope that they do it soonest.
>>      The next meeting at the Cafe Enchante will be on
>> December 3, 2017 from 11 AM to 1 PM.  I will have
>> Kali 2017.03 available then as well as AntiX and
>> a few other newly out distributions.
>>      Bobbie Sellers

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