[sf-lug] SF-LUG meets Sunday, 5 November 2017

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Oct 30 09:10:11 PDT 2017

   SF-LUG meets every first Sunday from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M.
and every third Monday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.
at the Cafe Enchante, 26th and Geary Boulevard.

     These meetings are usually lightly attended with a high for the
year so far of 7 members.   If you have a problem come along
and maybe we can help but if not we can usually find someone
who can.

   Additions to the distribution library!
2017-10-23 downloaded MultiBootUSB-Live-8.8.0 iso today
and this afternoon am trying learning to use it.
     There is a problem finding a checksum but I am working
  on it from the old Dell, so far have created a bootable Iso
now from the DVD am attempting to add another couple of
  distros to prove the concept.
     If I can find a checksum for this useful tool I will be very
happy because otherwise you will have to take my word of
experience that this is Ok.  Sorry I don't think this is
a safe tool.  I did contact the publisher though and
next release should come with a checksum.
//2017-10-19     NEW • Distribution Release: Ubuntu 17.10//
//Yes today it has made it to the Distrowatch site.//
//I will try to find the other spins like Lubuntu and the other//
//variants.  Right now I have started the Torrent running

I did get the Lubuntu versions.

Q4OS- is available in several versions some for
specific hardware.  I have downloaded three versions
two in 64 bit and 1 in 32 bit in the x86 line.
where there are setup guides.

     But there are versions for ARM which might go well with the
Olimex ships $284 open source Linux laptop kit
Oct 12, 2017 — by Eric Brown —  from <https://www.linuxtoday.com/>
Olimex is shipping its open source, Alwinner A64 based Teres-A64 laptop 
with an 11.6-in LCD, 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 9500mAh battery, and an
  Ubuntu Mate OS.  Full story at the URL following: <http://linuxgizmos.com/

A few weeks ago I downloaded the Kali 64 bit version.
There are also several downloads for virtual machines
and ARM devices and computers.  Bur I have gotten
the main 32 bit version of Kali Linux 17.02,  If you want
one of the other versions and have a very slow line
let me know.  kali-linux-2017.2-amd64.iso

Kaine 9.0 has been added and it is has similar functions to other
forensic distributions.

Void has many versions but I just got two plainer ones
from the site.  Other versions use many different
desktop management tools


         Problems at the SF-LUG meeting Monday 16 October.

     #1 my portable disk drive could not open a directory /Isos
     Yesterday I used GPartEd to check the disk structure which
did not make Konqueror happy.   Today I tried to access via
Dolphin file manager. It could not be accessed.
         So today I ran chown on it,
     The exact command was "chown -R bliss:bliss /dev/sdb"
     to explicate CHange OWNership -R(recursively digs down into
     the file tree to make everything my property, my screen name
     twice separated by a colon, /dev/sdb which is the target of
     my ownership change.
     Present I am writing (burning) a Knoppix 8.1 DVD to
     make sure it all works ok.  It did not work ok due to
     problems with K3b as setup on Trinity.  I could not
     get the Dell to boot on the written disk.

     #2 I have several distributions installed on my hard disk
     Only two of them were booting cleanly  the rest suffered
     from kernel panic and related problems.  I loaded
     Super Grub2 live disk into the drive and noted that
     the problem with Zorin could be resolved according to
     the SD2 by manually running "fsck" on a certain partition.
     I did that and then was able to boot into Zorin.  This
     is interesting because on the two booting distributions I
     had no sound but was able to get Zorin's sound working

     I was able today to boot into Majaro 17.02 using Super Grub2
     via the efi route.  Lots of updates!  Sound working.
     Updates - don't care for Octupi the package manager.
     Takes a lot longer to run and does not seem to be as
     fast as either Synaptic or even Software Drake(urpmi) on
     the Mageia and similar Mandrake-originated forked systems.

     Well I hope to see some of us at the next meeting.

     Have a Happy Halloween!

     Don't forget that Daylight Saving Time ends as
Sunday November 5th begins!

     Bobbie Sellers

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