[sf-lug] IPv6 ... all those addresses! ... Mmmmmm... yummy! (+ free t-shirt!)

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Wed Oct 25 17:20:03 PDT 2017

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 7:19 AM, Michael Paoli <
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IPv6 training/certification ... and a free t-shirt!
> Hurricane Electric provides a very good set of IPv6 training materials:
> https://ipv6.he.net/presentations.php
> Although most of that material was prepared some years ago, most of it's
> still fully relevant.  About the only bit that's changed, is some
> of the current, or best current ways, to do some of the configurations
> on some more current operating systems or versions thereof, may have
> changed a bit.
> Hurricane Electric also offers a free IPv6 certification program and a
> free t-shirt!
> https://ipv6.he.net/certification/
> (complete "Sage" level, get a free t-shirt)
> Oh, and additional hint/tip regarding the above.  When one gets to the
> part to start doing various tests/demonstrations with domain (web
> server, email, etc.), one would be best to use a domain where one has
> full control of the registrant and DNS data - including IPv6 "glue"
> records (and registrar/DNS that supports such), as one may need to
> add/update/change that to make "Sage" level, and, a bit oddly, once one
> has started using a particular domain along the certification/test
> process, they don't have a procedure (at least not any automatic or
> self-serve one) in place that will let you later change to use a
> different domain.  8-O
> Oh, also, on the t-shirts - be patient - they tend to send them out in
> batches a couple/few times or so per year and also not particularly
> expedient shipping method ... so takes a while ... but they do come!
> :-)

> I took a IPv6 class at CCSF some years ago and have the Sage cert and yes
> got the T-shirt.
However, I spilled spaghetti sauce or something else on it & finally had to
get rid of it a year
or two later. :/ I'm glad to hear they still give T-shirts to folk that
achieve the Sage status.
The client I used back then to do the various IPv6 tasks to achieve the
Sage cert was buggy as hell
(I'm sure there are much better ones around now) and often crashed. I agree
about HE's
training materials, they are very informative.

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