[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting of June 20, 2016

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Tue Jun 21 18:39:26 PDT 2016

Hi LUGers,

	5:40 PM got to the Cafe Enchante and started to
setup.  No problems, the Dell E6420 went right online..

5:45 Maestro showed up. A pleasant surprise.
Jim S was here by 6:10 PM - and that again was a pleasant
Maestro and I discussed briefly the new Debian.  He does not
care for the new startup "systemd".  Neither did a lot of other
Debian users and they created a fork to use the older startup.

	Jim contributed to the fund for new optical media.  This
was handy for me because the desired media, DVD+RW,
is not being carried in many stores so I ordered it online
last month and got a spindle of 50 disk delivered after
our previous meeting.

	A broad ranging discussion of various topics ensued.
Jim brought the news of a new activity at Noisebridge
involving a metal working facility.  He is helping with
electrical wiring I believe.

	6:40 P.M.Robert from South San Francisco came in for his
second visit to out meeting.  He was looking for "rooky"
help to get his Toshiba Satellite, a recent model boot
up from a Linux medium.
   	 He also needed some advice about an Internet connection
and I believe Jim may have helped there.
	The Satellite presented a very different looking (U)EFI
setup.  He was able to turn off the Secure Boot and reset the
Boot Order but the Toshiba seemed to ignore these changes
	Having an interesting time with Windows 8.1
contaminated with Windows 10.  Robert rebooted an
amazing number of times.  Perhaps he or a tech
has turned on Fast Boot from the Windows side.
	Finally about 7:25 P.M. we managed to subvert
the Microsoft program launcher sufficiently to boot up
Mageia 5 from my USB key.  For some reason we could
not get it to see the bootable DVD in the drive

	This was a small meeting but very interesting
in dealing with the Toshiba Satellite.
    	Thinking about the problem I wonder this
AM about whether the firmware in the UEFI/BIOS
has been updated.
    Robert will be keeping notes and going on line
to check the Toshiba site for help with this boot

	We all we called it a night about 8 P.M. with my
bag repacked,   Jim gave me a ride home.

	The next meeting will be on Sunday July 3.
Today Fedora 24 was released. The Pavilion is downloading
   via torrent the Workstation version this morning.
Later will look for some live spins of this standby,

In the next notice about the 27th of June you will
find out about which Fedora image(s) will be on hand
for the meeting on July 3.

	Thanks for your attention,

	Bobbie Sellers

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