[sf-lug] Error in subject should be May 16, Re: SF-LUG meeting of May23, 2016

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed May 18 20:26:53 PDT 2016

  Sorry about the mistake in date thinking about the 23rd a lot because

I did have dental work scheduled but then on the 16th I spent the early

afternoon getting another impression made of the tooth which now will

not be repaired until next month.

     So the $1300 worth of dental work and the related problems are much

on my mind.


On 05/17/2016 03:21 PM, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
> Hi LUGers,
>     5:40 PM arrived at the Cafe Enchante and setup my
> (used) Dell E6420.  Only care needed was to enter
> the Cafe Enchante pres-shared password and I was
> online.
>   This is the device I setup with Mageia 5 and PCLinuxOS
> 2016.03.
>   6:05 PM Joseph P, showed up and we chatted at length
> about those days when we younger talking about User Groups
> and BBSes.
>   I demoed the latest derivative from Puppy, Quirky, Xerus64-8.0
> for Joseph. This is a 347 Megabyte OS using the Ubuntu repositories.
> As it comes the Xerus has most every took you might want to
> use but not the tools you see on the larger distribution.
>   7:00 PM Jim S, showed up and we had some nice chat about
> my two salvaged E6420s  The other one does not work very
> well if at all. I may change its name to parts,
>   Finally for Jim I demoed Fedora 24 -64 Workstation Beta which uses
> Gnome 3+.  It worked fine but I have to say I find the Gnome 3+ 
> interfaces
> overly iconic.  I prefer menus.  On my Pavilion where I am writing
> this now the AMD A10 would not boot the Fedora.  But it did show me
> some very pretty startup screens with vast starry skies.
>   7:45 PM I packed up and we were out of the Cafe by 8 PM.
>   Jim kindly gave me a ride home while Joe left to take the bus.
>   Next month Fedora 24 final release will be out and we will have
> copies by Monday the 20th unless something weird happens.
>   The next meeting will be on Sunday June 5. 2016 and I intend to have
> notice that meeting by 31 May.
>   One of the new distributions will be LinHES_R8.4.iso which is for
> entertainment computers using MythTV as one component.  The
> release says that this can be setup in 20 minutes.  I have yet to
> put this on a DVD and try it out.
>     You can read all about through Distrowatch.org links to its
> development site
>   Another distribution available will be pclinuxos64-mate-2016.05.iso.
> This is a rolling release and you can expect lots of updates after you
> install it.  I like Mate a lot better than the Gnome 3+ versions but I
> will be sticking with KDE's Plasma 4 until Plasma 5 is finished.
>   I have to say that though I am not yet happy with Plasma 5 it
> does have some good points one of which is found in the Clipboard
> where editing of entries is done more easily perhaps than in Plasma 4,
>  Well maybe I have strayed from the subject but I hope to see some
> of us at the next meeting on June 5.
>   Bobbie Sellers
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