[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting of May23, 2016

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Tue May 17 15:21:44 PDT 2016

Hi LUGers,

     5:40 PM arrived at the Cafe Enchante and setup my
(used) Dell E6420.  Only care needed was to enter
the Cafe Enchante pres-shared password and I was
   This is the device I setup with Mageia 5 and PCLinuxOS

   6:05 PM Joseph P, showed up and we chatted at length
about those days when we younger talking about User Groups
and BBSes.
   I demoed the latest derivative from Puppy, Quirky, Xerus64-8.0
for Joseph. This is a 347 Megabyte OS using the Ubuntu repositories.
As it comes the Xerus has most every took you might want to
use but not the tools you see on the larger distribution.

   7:00 PM Jim S, showed up and we had some nice chat about
my two salvaged E6420s  The other one does not work very
well if at all. I may change its name to parts,
   Finally for Jim I demoed Fedora 24 -64 Workstation Beta which uses
Gnome 3+.  It worked fine but I have to say I find the Gnome 3+ interfaces
overly iconic.  I prefer menus.  On my Pavilion where I am writing
this now the AMD A10 would not boot the Fedora.  But it did show me
some very pretty startup screens with vast starry skies.

   7:45 PM I packed up and we were out of the Cafe by 8 PM.
   Jim kindly gave me a ride home while Joe left to take the bus.

   Next month Fedora 24 final release will be out and we will have
copies by Monday the 20th unless something weird happens.

   The next meeting will be on Sunday June 5. 2016 and I intend to have
notice that meeting by 31 May.

   One of the new distributions will be LinHES_R8.4.iso which is for
entertainment computers using MythTV as one component.  The
release says that this can be setup in 20 minutes.  I have yet to
put this on a DVD and try it out.

     You can read all about through Distrowatch.org links to its

development site

   Another distribution available will be pclinuxos64-mate-2016.05.iso.
This is a rolling release and you can expect lots of updates after you
install it.  I like Mate a lot better than the Gnome 3+ versions but I
will be sticking with KDE's Plasma 4 until Plasma 5 is finished.

   I have to say that though I am not yet happy with Plasma 5 it
does have some good points one of which is found in the Clipboard
where editing of entries is done more easily perhaps than in Plasma 4,

  Well maybe I have strayed from the subject but I hope to see some
of us at the next meeting on June 5.

   Bobbie Sellers

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