[sf-lug] Report of SF-LUG meeting of May 1, 2016

GoOSSBears acohen36 at linuxwaves.com
Mon May 2 16:05:25 PDT 2016

Bobbie S previously wrote
~~~~~~~ quoting ~~~~~~~
1205 Aaron came in with his small laptop computer on which he
will be using a beta version of Devuan.  He is devoted to pursuit of
some startup that does not use systemd.

A pair of adjustments to that...

1. Actually, I plan to continue using a systemd-free Debian-based 
distro as the main OS on the "small laptop computer" I brought with me 
-- as I thought I indicated in the penultimate paragraph of [1] -- and 
to install Devuan[2] within it as one or more VirtualBox[3] guest OS 
instances. That particular laptop computer and other computers I have 
all fail the 'egrep --color -i "svm|vmx" /proc/cpuinfo' test for 
hardware virtualization support[4][5], e.g., for Linux-KVM[6], and I've 
found that Oracle VirtualBox is a fairly straightforward method of 
running VM's on these real machines.

2. At the end of the meetup, I presented the 'telinit' command as 
another means of quickly changing SysV runlevels, e.g., 'sudo 
telinit 0' as a replacement for 'sudo shutdown -h now'. 
For further details of telinit, see [7] as well as your manpage via 
the commandline/terminal entry 'man 8 telinit'. 

Please note from reference[8] below that [[telinit's]] "runlevel 
requests will be transparently translated into systemd unit activation 
requests".....and you can find much more detailed info on systemd's 
schemes and processes to replace runlevels via 'man 1 systemd'.

Best and bliss,


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