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Mon Apr 18 23:31:14 PDT 2016

quoting akkana peck:

>>Can you explain what these 'trolls/assholes' are doing to knock
>>other people off the wifi, and are you sure it's not just flakiness?
>>Maybe I need a solution here and didn't even know it.

forgive me i meant to reply to you earlier.
this is what i'm trying to figure out.
1. there are at least two 'camps' on it, one saying there are people
doing this and another that 'seems' to question if it's possible.

2. i merely want to learn if they ARE doing this, how can one
completely defend against it? since til now we haven't figured
out how to send a c4 explosion through their mouse/keyboard ;-))

3. the explanation you ask for i 'hope' to be able to provide in more
succinct detail by observing the issues in the areas claiming this is
happening and getting some sort of succinct output/info to post for you
guys to analyze if you so choose or share in others' analysis.

4. the current locations (zones) are a mixture of open public wifi
sans passwd's (i know, flaky) and shared connections on a '10'
network with google dns and wpa2 encryption (like everyone's
not giving out the passwd right?) (still most likely flaky)

hopefully some with more knowledge in network 'forensics' will
be able to take a look and confirm what the real deal is.

either way i will post the findings if and/when they are validated.

one interesting thing is there is a being in one location who has told
more than one other being they are 'knocking beings off connections'.
and in that location it is 'claimed' there are NO problems when that
being is not around (but careful, that is how salem happened).
and there are also beings who say they just saw elvis @ dairy queen.

message ends.

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 3:09 PM, Akkana Peck <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote:

> maestro writes:
> > how do you set-up your linux distro (and which distro are you running?)
> to
> > connect *SECURELY *to all public and shared wifi networks (with shared
> > passwd)?
> Debian stable on my laptop. No firewall. I'd probably run a firewall
> if I could find an easy way of doing so, but I don't think it matters
> much if I'm not running daemons that are listening on external ports,
> does it? I try to pare down the distro I run so I'm not running a
> bunch of services I don't need (for performance reasons as well
> as security).
> > what configurations do you do and/or software do you run to keep
> > 'trolls/assholes' from knocking you off wifi connections?
> I didn't even know that was a thing. I often lose the connection on
> public and motel wi-fi, and have to reconnect, but I didn't think
> that had anything to do with other users on the network; I thought
> it was just the provider being flaky. (Public wifi is almost always
> flaky; I usually have to try several times before getting connected
> in the first place, and then I have to re-authenticate with the
> stupid browser redirect authentication they all insist on using
> instead of a standard like a WPA password.)
> Can you explain what these 'trolls/assholes' are doing to knock
> other people off the wifi, and are you sure it's not just flakiness?
> Maybe I need a solution here and didn't even know it.
>         ...Akkana
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