[sf-lug] Other matters xRe: resolver problem

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Fri Apr 8 22:08:48 PDT 2016

On 04/08/2016 06:48 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Oh, also, Bobbie, there was one other thing:
> Quoting Bobbie Sellers (bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com):
>> On 04/08/2016 11:41 AM, Rick Moen wrote:
>>> Programs often update dotfile conffiles and directories on the user's
>>> behalf, e.g., if you store a bookmark in Firefox, it will get written to
>>> a bookmarks.html file inside directory tree ~/.firefox or ~/.mozilla or
>>> somewhere like that.
>> Not really.  Firefox uses another format to store its bookmarks.
> OK, so let's see if I can put you in your shoes.
> You know that I've been running Linux for decades.  You know that I've
> been runing a Web server and creating Web pages for decades.  You might
> be aware of writings and lectures I've created on the subject.  You can
> reasonably suppose that I've known Firefox for Linux all the time it's
> existed.  (In fact, I followed the entire history of Netscape and
> Mozilla browsers all the way back to the beginning.)
> Knowing all that, you decided I must be wrong, and felt compelled to say
> so.
> The possibility of different versions didn't occur to you.  The concept
> that I might be ls'ing the local Firefox dotfile directory and seeing it
> _right there, right then_ didn't occur to you.
      I decided that the paragraph I typed was pointless.
> No, the only possible solution is that my assertion was in error and
> needed to be corrected.  Not, 'Hmm, my Firefox stores it as a JSON
> directory.  Maybe you are running a newer or older version?'  Instead,
> just 'Firefox uses another format to store its bookmarks.'
> Now, take a guess:  Was that just a bit offensive?

     It must have been judging by your remarks.
     But it was provoked by a flat assertion that may be true on your 
but has not been true on my computers over the last 12 years.  And I managed
to move my AWEB bookmarks first to XP then to Mandriva and a few other
things I was willing to try out over the years.  I chose .html as the 
format and fully expected to see my bookmarks in .html in the Firefox
directory.   I was surprised that it was not so.

> I considered posting 'Are you willing to bet $100 that my Firefox
> installation stores bookmarks in bookmarks.html?  Instead, I calmly
> explained to you the concept of changes in browser functions over time.
> You're welcome.

     No bets.  I am happy to concede that you and a lot of other people are
superior in knowledge and in use of Linux.   I am just a persistent user
as someone at a meeting remarked.  Makes this old nurse think of a
persistent infection, hard to treat and difficult to live with.

     I would thank you for your advice and information but I am afraid
of the response my expression of gratitude for your work might


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