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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 7 00:33:42 PDT 2015

Still catching up on this shambles.

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu):

> Unrelated to any operating system changes, looks like you've got
> SERIOUS domain registrar issues. 

Very strongly concur.  Jim, it seems like you permitted a bad situation
to worsen for many months.  Now, skipping a lot of detail and cutting to
the chase, you are in the middle of _losing_ both sf-lug.org and
sf-lug.com.  Registrar Network Solutions ('NetSol') has already disabled
DNS for both of those expired domains.

If you act quickly, you can ransom them back from NetSol, and then
Michael and I can help you ensure that this never happens again.[1]

Or:  decide to not pay the ransom (er, renewal) and concede defeat.
In which case, kindly do SF-LUG the courtesy of saying so.

> And works perfectly fine.  

Ditto http://sf-lug.linuxmafia.com/

Some of us pay urgent domain renewals _first_, argue with registrars later.

[1] The bit about all sf-lug whois contacts being invaild e-mail
addresses was a fatal and dumb error.  Fix that.  Beyond that, you need
to unlock the domain (turn off 'Domain Protect').  Then, request he
domain Authorization Code (EPP code).  You would also need to disable
'Private Registration' if you had elected it (which you didn't, in this

Last I heard, you requested an EPP at NetSol by logging into the NetSol
Web interface, picking My Products and Services Tab, clicking My Domain
Names, clicking Manage, under Details clicking Turn Off Or Request
Authorization in the Domain Protect row, checking the warning
acknowledgement and clicking Continue Transfer, selecting Request
Authorization Code, Selecting Domain Protect Off, and checking the box
for Request Authorization Code and clicking on Save.  NOTE:  I have not
been a NetSol customer for a couple of decades.

(It may take 2-3 days for the EPP to be e-mailed to you.  Of course, if
your whois-listed e-mail addresses are _invalid_, you won't get that
mail at all and have shot a huge hole in your foot.  And, for Ghod's
sake, check spamboxes to find the EPP message and other vital mail
related to the transfer process.)

Now that you have the NetSol-issued EPP, initiate transfer at your new,
preferred registrar.  Provide the EPP code at the time you file your

NOTE:  Your domain cannot be disabled/in-arrears/etc. for the above to

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