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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 6 15:36:57 PDT 2015

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu):

> Jim,
> Unrelated to any operating system changes, looks like you've got
> SERIOUS domain registrar issues.  
> o Network Solutions / Web.com had automatically renewed the domains
>   30 days before their expiration - of course at full list price,
>   automatically charging (apparently/presumably) your credit card(s) on
>   record with them.

Just a wise-ass concurring opinion.  If you say 'I have serious domain
registrar issues' and 'I am using Network Solutions', you are actually
saying the same thing twice.  ;->

There are many adequate-to-good registrars.

There are also two standard, easy ways to go wrong:

1.  'I keep using NetSol out of inertia.'
2.  'I use GoDaddy because it's the cheapest I could find.'

Several of the many good choices:


By tne way, my wife Deirdre comments:  'Anyone who doesn't renew at
least 30 days out is a sucker.'  Because you're cutting it too close to
the wire, among other reasons.  It's easy to forget to pay (and it's
also easy for autorenew to fail, BTW -- don't rely on it).

I do follow my own advice:

$ whois linuxmafia.com | more
   Updated Date: 06-may-2014
   Creation Date: 18-jul-1998
   Expiration Date: 17-jul-2018

$ whois unixmercenary.net | more
   Updated Date: 03-jun-2015
   Creation Date: 11-aug-2001
   Expiration Date: 11-aug-2018

And never, never, ever do anything with a domain _under_ 30 days from
expiration (that you want to continue to own) except pay the current
renewal.  Do not, in particular, initiate a transfer to a new registrar
under such conditions.

No, you do not 'lose' time remaining on a domain when you move it to a
new registrar, because of the ubiquitous registrar policy of permitting
that time remaining to carry forward upon transfer.

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