SF-LUG - next meeting on Monday 19 January at the Cafe Enchante

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Jan 12 10:33:12 PST 2015

Hi LUGers

   SF-LUG meets every first Sunday from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M.
and every third Monday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.
at the Cafe Enchante, 26th and Geary Boulevard.

     These meetings are usually lightly attended with a high for the
year so far of 7 members.   If you have a problem come along
and maybe we can help but if not we can usually find someone
who can.

     Meeting times are nominal so that if you come after 7:30 PM
we may have left.

	Now I have gotten a copy of ROSA.FRESH.KDE.R5.x86_64.iso,
done the checksum and written it to a DVD.  I will have it at the
	I expect as well to have a copy of Linux Mint 17.1 KDE
written to disk as well.  This version integrates the KDE Wallet
(for passwords, etc.)

	Now last week I was able to get the new Linux Pro Magazine
and it has a 64 bit version of Unbuntu 14.10 and a 32 bit version
of Lubuntu 14.10. This is the January 2015 issue #170
	If anyone wants a copy of either PLEASE let me know in
advance of the meeting and I will get it together.
	In the Linux Pro we have many useful articles including
details of Pale Moon a lightweight derivation of Firefox. It
also contains article on keeping Legacy File Formats useful,
Using Netflix on Linux, and Living With Windows in 3 free tools
for Active Directory Integration.

	So we had a good start to the New Year on the 4th of January
and I hope we can keep it up.
	If enough people are interested I can post some CES news
to the list from the button computer Curie from Intel and its new
not yet FCC approved computer on an .html stick or if your sight
is failing and you have plenty of room how about a Fubu Big Tab
in either 55" tabletop or 65" TV style wall hanger running
Android and lots of interest between the extremes.

	See you next Monday evening I hope.


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