Mailing lists using usenet newsgroup

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at
Tue Jan 6 11:54:41 PST 2015

>     First go to the eternal-september site and create an account there.
>     Then starting up Tb you create a News account.  To do so you
> will need to enter
> the data from your account on e-s including which ports you want to use
> from the e-s selection.  Also the e-mail address you are using.
>     Set Tb preferences to remember your password for e-s and your
> user name.
> on that account.
>    Now go to Settings and make sure you have checked the box next
> toAlways request
> authentication when connecting to this server.
>     Go back to the main page for your News account and go into
> Manage Newsgroup subscriptions,
> hit refresh and if everything is set up properly you will be
> prompted to enter your
> user name and password.
>     Eternal-September propagates two e-s support groups one to test
> your posting
> capability and the other to get help if you are having trouble.

thanks bobbie

i have set up an eternal-september account and am able to access it via trn

however i see no newsgroup alt.os.linux.mandriva

if i explicitely add alt.os.linux.mandriva to my .newsrc trn says "bogus
newsgroup" and turns it off (by adding an exclamation point after the name).

perhaps i should ask this on the support newsgroup you mention

anyway not urgent so don't bother replying if you're busy. i'm just avoiding
work by playing with this anyway ...


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