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Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at
Thu Jan 1 16:46:33 PST 2015

> >By they way, Bobbie, is there any reasone we don't set up a Google Group, just
> >for the purpose of using it as a mailing list? Or are there people on this
> >list who prefer not to use Google, which is very understandable?
> >
> >Michael
>     Well Michael, unfortunately I am one of those individuals who care only
> to use Google as search engine.
>     I do use Usenet Newsgroups but it seems few people know how to
> access these groups which in the case of Linux is really a departure from
> its roots.
>     But we could try to propagate an  or we
> could simply
> pick a newsgroup like alt.os.linux.mandriva and use it.   There are Linux
> newsgroups by the way where your query as to p/o of source code
> would be welcome and elicit many replies.
>     I suggest the group mentioned above because i am already
> subscribed to it and
> because since the collapse of the Mandriva company in France it has
> been largely
> empty with only a few posts about arcane Mandriva programs and what OS
> to use when Mandriva is too far behind the curve.
>     If anyone wants help in setting up a news.server account  bring
> it to this
> list and I will do my best as I certainly have made enough mistakes to
> know what can go wrong.   The server I use is eternal-september,
> properly designated and it is a free text
> only server.  If you want a binary group server you most likely will
> have to pay.
>     Bobbie

Hi Bobbie,

That's a very interesting suggestion. I am very familiar with newsgroups from
back in the 80's. Back then we used 'rn' which probably stood for 'read news'.
I tried typing 'rn' just now and Ubuntu suggested I installed trn or trn4
which as I recall stood for "threaded read news" so I'd be very happy with

I invoked trn4 and it says

	Connecting to t61b...connection to Connection refused

t61b is the name of my computer. Do I need to have a local news server running or
can I point trn at some remote server, such as the one you mention?

I used to know all this but it's been many, many years ...


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