[sf-lug] RHEL Version Performance

Samir Faci samir at esamir.com
Wed Feb 11 06:58:00 PST 2015

That's a really broad question.  I mean what I'm interested in doing with
my RH server would be completely different then what you might have in

There might be curve ball for example in their LAMP stack that might make
one version better then the other, but if you're using your servers for
mail servers.. you wouldn't really care about any of my numbers.

What exactly are you looking for?

On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 5:42 AM, Grant Bowman <grantbow at fedoraproject.org>

> Hi everyone,
> Has anyone run any performance benchmarks of a patched RHEL 5.11 kernel
>  2.6.18-398  vs. RHEL 6.6 kernel 2.6.32-504 vs. a RHEL 7.0 kernel
> 3.10.0-123?
>     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux#RHEL_5
> What things have changed in the kernel, libc or other libraries that might
> be important to corporate decision makers with budget authority?
> Thanks,
> Grant
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Thank you
Samir Faci
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