[sf-lug] Report of February 1. 2015 SF-LUG meeting and a bit of news.

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Feb 4 12:51:07 PST 2015

Hi LUGgers<

     Sorry this is so late but I had a couple of busy days.
     It was a very good meeting.
     I showed up about 10:45 and found plenty of room to setup for a 
nice change.
     I setup my notebook and was running by 10:55.
         Shortly after 11 AM Ken Shaffer and wife Assunta made teh scene.
     Jim S.  showed up about 11:25.  He had had to park about 4 blocks away
     I was talking about 4MLinux-11.0-allinone.iso and the fine general 
purpose distribution that  it is  when 3 new members showed up German 
G., Kelli P. and Marcco E.
     All are working in IT.  German and Marcco work at the same company but
in different divisions.  Kelli runs a MacIntosh and all 3 are eager to 
learn about
     So with Jim and Ken there I talked mostly to German(G here = H). 
But I tried
to set up Marcco with a copy of Mageia 4.1 for his HP notebook with an i7.

     We were talking until well after 1 P.M. Then Jim gave me a ride home.

     Besides the 4M(stands for Multimedia, Miniserver, Maintenance and 
which has tools for all those sensible functions the mystery comes with 
and pastimes including viral penguin infestation and it has the best 
file manager
I have seen outside of Dolphin.  It runs on JVM (formerly Joe's Window 
as seen in Slitaz.   The whole distribution fits in a  388.9 megabyte 
iso and so
works very well on a CD-rw.    I will be bringing this along to future 
so if anyone is interested in this compact OS which manages to mount your
internal disk and can do backups (part of the maintenance functions) and 

     So besides that I got Kali 1.09a in both the i386 and x86_64 
versions and let
me know if you want a copy of either or both.  Both are full of tools 
for detection
of intrusion on your machines.  As I have said before learning to use 
these tools
would be a Linux security education.

     The next SF-LUG meeting will be on February 16.  Will send a 
regular notice
on February 9.

     Any of the attendees who note errors let me and the rest of the 
list know ASAP.
     Thanks for your attention.

     Bobbie Sellers

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