[sf-lug] Cancellation, Pls.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 25 23:21:09 PST 2015

Quoting Stefano Maffulli (smaffulli at gmail.com):

> Mass consumption is a different thing though: 

And yet, what was clueless and annoying behaviour then remains that
today, for exactly the same reasons.  And nobody has to understand the
'details of SMTP' to grasp why.  

> We definitely didn't make it easy for newcomers to have some fairly
> trivial things automated.

1.  I am not seeing where this is my problem.

2.  More fundamentally:  One cannot notice shifting goalposts:  A few
hours ago, you were saying that the clueless and annoying behaviour of
some newcomers is the fault of old-timers.  Which was a crap argument
that I called you on.  I'd be more likely to respect your equally
defective fallback position if you had said 'Gosh, on reflection I guess
you're right, it's not actually your and my fault', or 'We'll have to
agree to disagree', or at least _something_ other than just dropping the
just-refuted crap argument like a hot potato and smoothly pivoting onto
your fallback position.

I'm thinking this discussion is wasting your time and mine.

> There is really no good technical reason for unsubscribing
> instructions to be hidden from view, buried behind a google search.

1.  I await your patch with interest (but am not holding my breath).

2.  And, oh yeah, Google searching is _so technically challenging_ and

> There is absolutely no technical reason for MUAs not to
> be smarter than they were when we started using them. 
[and snip similar assertion about strong crypto]

And the reason you're saying this to _me_ is?

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