[sf-lug] last Cafe Enchante meeting note for Jason

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Wed Dec 4 12:48:09 PST 2013


     Jason, you asked for a copy of Kali which I now have with the .iso 
check-summed and written to disk which copy was verified.  If you want 
to get if from me before the meeting
  on 16th of December let me know.

     I have had a lot of trouble with my Compaq notebook in the last few 
days and I might lose e-mail again.
     If you write to me and get no response within 12 hours try 
resending to blisssf4ever at gmail.com as I will
be checking my Android tablet.

     For those of you wondering about the trouble with the Compaq 
notebook last Friday night a regular update thru regular
channels broke my installation of PC Linux OS 2013.10 and after that I 
have had lots of trouble with starting stuff from
the menu and the panel icons stuff that is important to me like the KDE 
text editors, KWrite and Kate.  I am sent messages
about missing KDE text-editor components and when I try to reboot get no 
further than a black inactive screen with mouse
pointer and if I do Ctrl-alt-backspace it goes back to the login.
     On Monday I went back to the 2013.07 release and it still is 
complaining though I have learned to run a program from
the terminal and detach it.
     I have kept my notebook running for several days now and fear that 
when I log-out or reboot I may end up at that black
useless screen again.  If the Compaq does this in the next few days I 
will replace the hard drive which has been in service
some time.   I won't voluntariley log out until  I have the time for the 
work after backing up the work done on this computer.

     Oh yes I heard an interesting statistic that 14% of consumer 
laptops fail and the suggestion is not tighter quality controls
to be put in place but that you buy an extended service contract.

     Bobbie Sellers

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