[sf-lug] Meeting today 7 July 2013

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Jul 7 18:48:04 PDT 2013

Hi LUGgers,
I got to 26th and Geary about 1035.  Setup and everything worked
right away no problems with the WiFi.  As a matter of fact when I got home
I forgot to plug in my Ethernet cable and the computer picked up the WiFi
here and went right to work.

     Ken Schaeffer and wife showed up first, then Mike whom I had last
seen on the street years ago, Allen(sic) , Jim Stockford and Jason Kirk who
is having a problem with his Ubuntu installation on a Sony Vaio.
     We were not able to help Jason too much but he now has a distro
that can access his hard drive to move useful files onto an external HD,
     Ken has discovered that his MSI netbook is a bit fragile and has
lost his screen when it is in a readable position.   We attempted to get 
a new 8
Gigabyte Flash drive to boot.  In the meantime we tested other flash drives
with bootable material on them.
      Mike wants to do ARM development work and is even willing to work
from XP to do so.  I discussed shopping tactics for getting a freshly
refurbished notebook or laptop with Mike.
     Allan had some discussion with Ken and Jim that I largely missed,
but it seems he intends to get a Chromebook and install Ubuntu on it.

     I, for lack of anything better to do, loaded and ran a copy of PCLOS
KDE Full Monty 64 bit to show off what a tricked out version looks like.
It has as live default 6 virtual desktops linked to activities appropriate
for the named desktops, with special task bars and opened foldersfor the
less used tools. One each for Internet, Office, Games, Graphics, System
and Multimedia,  each with a special background to indicate the activity
for the desktop,  all with appropriate tools.  Actually the Office desktop
uses a line drawing of a ink pen quill tip.
The System desktop accesses various Benchmarking tools for example.
This is running a kernel 4.4.49bfs, the latest version of KDE (4.10.4)   &
LibreOffice 4.0.4.  For example the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen
cannot be removed though perhaps this is just for the Live version.
I am afraid I will have to do an installation to see if that last mentioned
matter is just on the Live CD or if future versions of KDE will continue 
  unhappy behavior.
     At 1 PM the meeting broke up and Jim gave myself and Jason rides to
our respective homes.  A nice ending to a good meeting of SF-LUG.

Thanks to anyone who pay attention to this little report and Thanks to
all those who attended and best of fortune with your projects.

     Bobbie Sellers
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