[sf-lug] SF-LUG Meeting report Sunday 7 April 2013

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Tue Apr 9 15:40:10 PDT 2013

Hi Luggers,
     Pretty good meeting last Sunday.
     I asked the attendees for more information for this
report.  No word back from Christian.

     I arrived about 10:35 and started to setup for the meeting.
     Ken Schaeffer and his wife  showed up before 1100.
     The password on the WiFi had been changed though
  and it took a while to work out what the problem with
connection was.
     Next came John S and his lovely wife, and then Eric.
     At 12:55 Christian showed up and Eric was able to give
him a copy of the UEFI-ignoring version of Ubuntu.

     Ken had gone ahead after booting from Flash drives for a couple
of years and installed to his hard drive in the MSI netbook.
Ken had installed Ubuntu 12.10 64bit on the MSI Notebook, and
he writes the following "after converting the fourth primary
partition to an extended  so I could add my Ubuntu partitions.
Normally I stick with the  LTS versions, but on a whim, installed
  the current version.

     John brought along his iPad and was checking his email quite
often as his Family Tree project has brought him in touch with
South American relatives and he is very eager for their input.

     Eric had his Nexus 7 but experienced some slow network problems
as he attempted to keep up on several fronts.
     There was some discussion of the parts of the Android OS that are
lacking such as multiscreen capability and real multi-tasking.  On
the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 there is a Multiscreen capability
but again limited and it may work on other machines as well.

         Christian brought the good news that his work at schools with
Linux will resume this summer.  But the bad news is that changing his
job has brought him to the point of being required to use Windows in
his new position with State Farm Insurance.

     The reason we were still there Eric and myself to greet Christian
is due to Eric's persistence, as he believed it would be good
to wait until the scheduled end of the meeting.

     Ken writes: Sorry to have missed Christian.   From my limited 
  with UEFI (one machine), Ubuntu shouldn't care.  Even a secure boot
machine boots live Ubuntu 64 bit 12.04.2 and 12.10 with no problem
(with the latest firmware).  Dual boot with W8 definitely still has got
problems, but many appear to be machine specific.

     Jim Stockford is out of town this weekend but will return shortly.

     Unfortunately I did not have Eric's email address so could not
ask him further about what he was doing at the meeting.

     This was the largest meeting so far this year.

     Bobbie Sellers

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