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Thanks a lot Seth, I plan to play with that in the evening. I hope to find nice chunk of time in the future and improve my skills with vim it is an amazing program! It is nice to see that many members are more than familiar with this lovely piece of software.

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Frantisek Apfelbeck writes:

> Hi to all,
> I have a vim related question. I'm reading an e-book in vim (lovely green text on the black background) but I have a problem to remember where did I finished last when I want to continue reading. I know that I can make a kind of "mark word" and search for it but I wonder if I could somehow make vim start on the line where I finished (where the cursor was last). Do you think it is possible and if so how?
> I know it is kind very lazy question but it would be so comfortable ...

One thing to know about are the m and ' commands.  In the most basic
form, you use m followed by a letter to set a mark (named with that
letter) at the current location, and then ' followed by that letter to
navigate back to that location (including, if you choose, as a cursor
movement combined with another action).

For example, ma to set mark "a" and then 'a to navigate to mark "a".

You can also use '' to go back to where you were before the most recent
' command, so you can use repeated '' commands to jump back and forth
between two spots in a document.

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