[sf-lug] ddrescue on a scsi drive

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Thu Aug 16 17:17:55 PDT 2012

We have a SCSI drive that appears to be corrupt. The filesystem on
this drive is NTFS and was on a Windows box. We are trying to dump the
drive to an image to see if we can recover anything.

I have a box that boots from a Ubuntu 11.10 CD. The box has the
corrupt SCSI drive and a blank SCSI drive. Both SCSI drives are seen
by the BIOS, and once Ubuntu boots up, lsscsi shows the drives as
well. Withun Ubuntu, the blank drive shows up as /dev/sdb1, but
/dev/sda isn't visible. In dmesg, it shows /dev/sda as being corrupt,
and that's it. I'd like to eventually use ddrescue to create a
bitcopy, but without any visibility in /dev I'm not sure what the next
step is.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
Professor, Information Systems
San Francisco State University

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