[sf-lug] lost right-click menu but only in thunderbird

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 16:06:16 PDT 2012

this is weird.

ubuntu 12.04, unity 2d, mostly stock, although i did install a couple of 
programs (gnome-tweak-tool and ubuntu-tweak)

to allow me to tweak the windows the way i like, for instance focus 
follows mouse so i can leave one window open and type in the one behind it.

here's the weird part:

in thunderbird, i can no longer right-click on an item and get a menu.

i can highlight and right-click, but nothing happens. so i can't spell 
check, and i can't select an email address and copy it or add it to my 
address book.

this is only in thunderbird; in all other programs (firefox, xchat, 
terminal, arduino), and all other things i've used (i don't use that 
many) the right click menu works fine.

how can i regain my right click menu?


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