[sf-lug] a summers day with Mandriva 2011 install

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Jun 24 10:24:57 PDT 2012

  Hi LUGers,

    Yesterday was not too hot but it was beautiful and clear here in
San Francisco as the people wanting to sell stuff to celebrants at
the Gay Pride Days were bustling to setup down on the Civic
Center and adjacent spaces including the UN Plaza.

     When I woke up I found via md5sum that the 2nd 8 hour
download of my paid for mandriva-linux-PWP-2011-x86_64.iso
was not corrupted!  I wrote it to a DVD and started the
installation.  But at 10 AM had to take off for a set of

     I did my errands and got home about Noon to fix
lunch then sat down at the computer and began to work
on making my upgrade of Mandriva PowerPack 2011
look usable.

     It would have been easier if I had done a clean install
but I did not.  So I had several competing configurations
because I did not create a new /home directory or partition.

     I finally got it all straightened out and am glad that
I was able to easily install my printer as Ethernet-connected
and that it is in the database of the software these days.
     To get to that point I fiddled for hours, finally changing
the display manager to XDM and the controlling tool to
OpenBox.  After that I could unlock the Desktop Settings
configuration tool and get the loose widgets and icons off
the desktop.   During the process I finally gave up on fixing
the stuff I had working under 2010.2 Mandriva PowerPack.

     By the way I was not calm.  I got very upset and very
involved with the whole thing and finally with catching
up on my received email and my Usenet postings.

     At 7:30 PM I finally woke up and remembered to fix
and eat my supper.  I had to take a couple of different
batches of medications and supplements, one of which
was due at 5 PM.   So ate a lot over the next hour and
a half.
     This morning was much more pleasant except no one
is posting to the SF-LUG list so I toss in my experiences
mostly indoors, during a lovely summer day.


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