[sf-lug] How to install Ubuntu One on WeTab (was: Re: how to disable screen dimming due to light sensor in exo-pc running ubuntu)

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 11:59:23 PDT 2012

I broke down and installed WeTab. This gives me full control over the 
screen brightness, but WeTab makes me very uncomfortable.

I do appreciate the onscreen keyboard. It is quite workable.

Do you know how I might install Ubuntu One on the WeTab?

I use Ubuntu One to sync my main laptop and my spares, as well as my 
Android phone.

I found a reference to an obscure package that someone created to 
install UOne on Fedora, but this only works for Fedora version 16, and 
for some reason my WeTab reports its version as 1. Probably this is an 
error, and it is reporting the WeTab version instead of the Fedora 
version on which WeTab is based, but I'm reluctant to manually change 
/etc/issue as it will probably break all kinds of other things. I'm not 
very familiar with Fedora.

Any advice appreciated.

How many of us are using the ExoPC? Perhaps we can all bring them to a 
meeting and compare likes and dislikes, and hopefully all learn from 
each other.


Michael Shiloh
Artist, designer, tinkerer, teacher, geek

On 06/04/2012 10:34 AM, Akkana Peck wrote:
> Michael Shiloh writes:
>> 1) anyone running any flavor of ubuntu on an exo-pc? i'd love to
>> exchange ideas.
>> 2) exo-pc has a light sensor which automatically dims the screen in
>> dim light. i want my screen bright all the time. how can i disable
>> the automatic dimming?
>> my absolutely horrible hack using xbacklight is:
> [running xbacklight in a continuous loop, ick]
> I have run Ubuntu on the ExoPC, but had some issues and ended up
> putting WeTab on it: http://wetab.mobi/en
> It's open source and made specifically for the ExoPC hardware,
> and it's remarkably usable, much better than Ubuntu Ocelot.
> They seem to have found a solution for the backlight problem,
> so if you want an Ubuntu solution, you might be able to poke around
> and figure out how WeTab solved it.
> Another thing to try: the Valerie Aurora webcam patch.
> http://blog.valerieaurora.org/2008/12/07/a-band-aid-solution/
> If nothing else, it should stop the flickering and keep the display
> set at a constant setting ... but it might not be the 100% setting.
> 	...Akkana
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