[sf-lug] Thug behavior from buntu fans

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 5 15:50:32 PDT 2012

I was a mepis fan until they abandoned what's now called trinity desktop and witnessed many slights from ubuntu fans . I constantly find the  buntu / s tweaker as distributions not suited for new users , excepting certain heavy variants like mint . I'd sooner send a newbie to kdpup484beta4 over most  ubuntu variants . I desperately appreciate Rick mentioning the constant propaganda war against the real linux competition . “

Ubuntu is unique in its suitability to 'simple end users';
> that no other
> Linux distribution is suitable to recommend.
> And, after I heard this a dozen or so times, I finally asked
> Grant a
> question, on May 25, 2011, on the BUUG mailing list:
>   [...]
>   Problem is:  Some of the stuff new users> typically seek (proprietary>   codecs and such; see below), and complain about the
> absence of, _is>   missing_ by default.  By policy.  I respect> those omissions; there are
>   good reasons for them, and there are 'restricted> formats' pages (etc.)>   about how to retrofit them. 
>   And yet the point remains. …   >   Linux Mint and Ultimate Edition are Ubuntu with those> things merged in.
>   So, if the aim is to make things as easy as humanly> possible for 'simple
>   end users', shouldn't they merit higher> recommendation?  Shouldn't
>   PCLinuxOS, MEPIS Linux, and Zenwalk Linux _also_
> merit higher>   recommendation by that same reasoning?
> It was a simple question.  Given that Linux Mint and> Ultimate Edition
> are even _more_ suitable for 'simple end users' by Grant's> own criteria,
> why isn't he urging _their_ use even more than he's urging> use of> Ubuntu?  Not doing so would be illogical...
“ - formatting of quote altered to reduce ugliness etc. - 
suitability to 'simple end users'; certainly reminds me of the literal tracts of Mr. Hubbards writings I found in the ' Gnome Human Interface Guidelines ' when the developers were referencing it's hundreds of pages to deflect all criticisms . Neither ' we target actual new users ' nor ' your not an actual usability expert ' held any water with my users disgust . And I absolutely detested finding passages of the filibuster that did address actual usability issues but claimed the opposite of Apple's classic usability studies . [ others have thoroughly exposed the hypocrisy of that Gnome document publicly , but now mysteriously hard to find online ] Please don't claim the new user territory when others do it much better .
 - sincerely trying to help new users – Bruce

PS. for some of my linux background see whatever google renamed the b.coston.googlepages.com to , now some googlesites variant . 

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