[sf-lug] how to disable screen dimming due to light sensor in exo-pc running ubuntu

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Jun 4 10:34:27 PDT 2012

Michael Shiloh writes:
> 1) anyone running any flavor of ubuntu on an exo-pc? i'd love to
> exchange ideas.
> 2) exo-pc has a light sensor which automatically dims the screen in
> dim light. i want my screen bright all the time. how can i disable
> the automatic dimming?
> my absolutely horrible hack using xbacklight is:
[running xbacklight in a continuous loop, ick]

I have run Ubuntu on the ExoPC, but had some issues and ended up
putting WeTab on it: http://wetab.mobi/en
It's open source and made specifically for the ExoPC hardware,
and it's remarkably usable, much better than Ubuntu Ocelot.

They seem to have found a solution for the backlight problem,
so if you want an Ubuntu solution, you might be able to poke around
and figure out how WeTab solved it.

Another thing to try: the Valerie Aurora webcam patch.
If nothing else, it should stop the flickering and keep the display
set at a constant setting ... but it might not be the 100% setting.


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