[sf-lug] linux was discussed at noisebridge, wednesday 20120321:18:00 and thereafter

jim jim at well.com
Wed Mar 21 19:58:19 PDT 2012

Noisebridge, Wed 6 to 8 PM 20120321: 
    Eric Rasmussen showed up with a ipod nano strapped 
to his wrist and a grin on his face. 
    Yeah, but can you put Linux on it? 
    Eric's idea is to make a partition on his 16GB 
ipod nano storage and somehow or another get that 
partition to boot linux. 
    Typing in ipod nano linux got me 
    which told me it's been subsummed [sic] by 

    Discussion shifted to Rockbox, an alternate OS 
music player for ipods, including ipod nano v1 and 2. 

    Someone besides me is using Ubuntu 10.04 and, 
unlike me, is also fiddling with Ubuntu 12.04. I'm 
chicken. and I've got a year of support left for 

    uh oh: people are leaving to get food. 

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