[sf-lug] OLPCSF and SFSU sign a memo of understanding

jim jim at systemateka.com
Sun Jan 8 14:10:12 PST 2012

as seen on the DVLUG mailing list: 

" For those of you not on the olpc-sf email list yet. :-)   
I'm reallypleased about this and am proud to be a part of 
thatmeets monthly in SF, easily accessible from the 
Powell St. BARTstation & Westfield Shopping Center. 

The next meeting is Sat, Jan 14th from 10 AM - 2PM.

Grant " 


    Sameer Verma is a professor at SFSU and has championed 
the "little green PC", i.e. the XO laptop product that is 
managed by the One Laptop Per Child effort ( http://one.laptop.org/ ) 

    The OLPCSF group has a number of members who are 
championing the XO laptop both locally and in various 
regions around the world ( http://olpcsf.org/projects ). 

    Here's a link to the OLPC site page for efforts in 
the SF bay area: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_SanFranciscoBayArea 

    Here's a link to join the OLPCSF mailing list: 

    There are rumors of a new XO that may be released in 
tablet form factor. I'll probably catch hell for promoting 
a rumor. 

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