[sf-lug] I'll bring the Chumby in next Sun meeting, Woot has another sale on them today -- $99.

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 17:23:15 PST 2012

I've been having fun getting X running in my chrooted Debian with
touchscreen and usb keyboard support.   Next Sunday meeting I'll bring it
in.  Currently, trying to set up mysql on the Debian usb stick and having
"permission" problems with a socket -- nothing obvious, but the error has
been pervasive for the last 5 years according to Google, so it's probably
just a catch-all.  Finally occurred to me maybe the socket was not the
mysql one, but the syslog socket, and took a side path trying to find the
system logs (which turned out to be in memory, because syslog was the
busybox version, and ignores the /etc/syslog.conf ).

  Today, I noticed that Woot was selling the Chumby 8 for $99+5s&h, I knew
the price would be lower in Jan.
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