[sf-lug] cookies in Ubuntu

Mikki McGee mikkimc at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 6 08:46:21 PDT 2011


Thank you all, for the replies.   It is the privacy issue, and the idea 
that someone is tracking my computer use is a bit repugnant.  Sort of 
pulling the blinds, but not checking under the bed sort of thing.  
Somewhere short of paranoia?

    I know that Amazon does monitor my purchases and categories, (very 
openly) and I don't much mind that.   It is perhaps taken for granted 
that the feds might do a checkup, and that is iffy (in the minding 
department, if not the control department). I mind that a bit more, but 
understand some of their concerns.  But I have had other experiences . . .

    Thanks again.

Bless All


Mikki McGee wrote:
> Hi;
> Are cookies or other identifiers added, in Ubuntu?  If so, where and 
> how does one locate them to identify and or delete them?
> Bless All
> Mikki
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