[sf-lug] Sunday July 3, 2011 SF-LUG meeting

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Mon Jun 27 14:33:47 PDT 2011

	SF-LUG meets on the First Sunday from
11 AM to 1 PM at the Cafe Enchante on Geary at
26th Avenue.  All meeting times are nominal.

	Bring your problems and if no one in attendance
can solve a problem we know where to find more help.

    Cafe Enchante is at 6157 Geary Boulevard on the
South East corner of Geary and 26th Avenue.
(415) 251-9136
     If you're coming by bus, take any of the Geary
buses west, they run often.

     Here's a link to a map.



	On Monday 20 June 2011 the last SF LUG meeting was held
at the Cafe Enchante.  I personally was late and only brought
the latest magazines and some book marks and got there
about 6:30 PM
          Grant Bowman and Jim Stockwell were there
already and Jim was trying to reactivate the SF-LUG.org
site.  Grant told me he had seen only the meeting notice.

           Paul, a new visitor came by, then Jeff.  Looks
like Grant may have connection to a new business
accounting project.  Information was exchanged.
	Paul is the person who believe C is the
punk programming language and that HTML 1.0 was
the best.  I meant to ask him which giant robot
was portrayed on his sweatshirt.

	 At 8 P.M. Jim decamped as his current
employment came with deadlines and  he gave me a
ride home.

	I tried to post some urls with Linux news
etc. but I don't know if they made it to the list.

	Bobbie Sellers

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