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Tue Apr 19 21:50:45 PDT 2011

here are mine:
A Little Bit of Python

    * just started on this one, but it appears to be a Python related
      (da!) interview cast.

FLOSS Weekly

    * from the people who brought you twit.tv, Randal Schwartz
      interviews project representatives from different Free, Libre,
      Open Source Software projects

GNU World Order Linux OggCast

    * a Linux related podcast, hosted by Klaatu Gort

Going Linux

    * a Linux beginners podcast, very thorough and beginner, though
      plugs holes in knowledge even for seasoned

Hacker Public Radio

    * a _VERY_ eclectic collection. essentially, anyone can record a
      hackerish (not just computers) audio and put it on

Illegal Argument

    * a developer podcast, mostly Java flavored, from New Zealand

Linux Outlaws

    * co-hosted by Dan (UK) and Fab (Germany), a Linux news and
      discussion podcast. *not children or workplace friendly*

Security Now!

    * another twit.tv cast, security related. Steve Gibson and Leo Leport

Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software

    * interviews with representatives of software projects,
      development methods and more

The Java Posse

    * another software news cast, guess with what focus :)

The Linux Action Show!

    * a linux news and discussion cast, probably the closest to a rock
      concert it can ever be (no music)

this WEEK in TECH

    * the flagship of twit.tv

Ubuntu Podcast from the UK (or UUPC)

    * Ubuntu centric, though not just. very well constructed, with
      intermission music and all

tried to keep it on a technical level, though there are some more
music, popular science and science fictions.

On 04/19/2011 02:20 AM, Eric W. Rasmussen wrote:
> I was asked by a member to make a list of Tech podcasts that I watch
> on a daily/weekly basis. As we both agreed, TV is dead. It's all
> "On Demand" or "a la carte" from here on out. And since these shows
> aren't on TV...
> First, I use Miro to aggregate my podcasts. It's cross platform and
> it has a fairly up-to-date list of shows. Rhythmbox is supposed to
> have this function, but I've never tried it. The only thing that I
> don't like about Miro is that it has an included torrent function
> and it gets in the way of other clients (sans the stock
> Transmission). Otherwise, I love it.
> We'll start with video:
> Tech News Today (TWIT.TV) - Tom Merritt (from CNET Exec. Editor
> fame) is the host, with Sarah Lane and the new addition of Iyaz
> Akhtar. They pipe in guests via Skype (skippee) and have honest
> conversations about the current news floating around. My only
> complaint is that they get most of their news from Engadget.
> This Week In Law (TWIT.TV) - Denise Howell discusses law cases with
> a variety of guest lawyers imported via skippee. The conversation
> usually revolves around Copyright Law and I have a feeling that they
> condone pirating because our laws are so antiquated. If you're a
> law-buff like me, this is a must.
> GeekBeat.TV - Calie Lewis is peppy! She's a little much at first,
> but she grows on you. She covers new devices and an affinity for
> robotics. It's short and fun.
> Hak5 - Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse put on a show that I see as,
> "senseless diatribe", most of the time. It's amazing how lucid
> Darren can be when on TNT (Tech News Today) and how childish he is
> on his own show. That said, every week they push out important
> information regarding valuable hacks. Who doesn't love
> Man-In-The-Middle attacks at the local coffee shop?
> Here is the Audio:
> thisismynextpodcast - The furlough boys from Engadget strike back!
> We don't know [exactly] why Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, and Paul
> Miller left the company [Engadget], but we know that they have
> knowledge and humor. The podcast is awesome, thisismynext.com is
> wonderful.
> Engadget - The video shows are infrequent, but the audio podcasts
> are informative and funny. Sometimes I wish for the professionalism
> of TNT. I imagine that they are going through a culture shock due
> to the loss of their executive producers. It's great right now, but
> I'm sure AOL will screw this up... somehow.
> OK, kids! That is my review and I hope it gives you some insight.
> Squawk back with any recommendations.
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