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Eric W. Rasmussen ericwrasmussen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 02:20:02 PDT 2011

I was asked by a member to make a list of Tech podcasts that I watch on 
a daily/weekly basis.  As we both agreed, TV is dead.  It's all "On 
Demand" or "a la carte" from here on out.  And since these shows aren't 
on TV...

First, I use Miro to aggregate my podcasts.  It's cross platform and it 
has a fairly up-to-date list of shows.  Rhythmbox is supposed to have 
this function, but I've never tried it.  The only thing that I don't 
like about Miro is that it has an included torrent function and it gets 
in the way of other clients (sans the stock Transmission).  Otherwise, I 
love it.

We'll start with video:

Tech News Today (TWIT.TV) - Tom Merritt (from CNET Exec. Editor fame) is 
the host, with Sarah Lane and the new addition of Iyaz Akhtar.  They 
pipe in guests via Skype (skippee) and have honest conversations about 
the current news floating around.  My only complaint is that they get 
most of their news from Engadget.

This Week In Law (TWIT.TV) - Denise Howell discusses law cases with a 
variety of guest lawyers imported via skippee.  The conversation usually 
revolves around Copyright Law and I have a feeling that they condone 
pirating because our laws are so antiquated.  If you're a law-buff like 
me, this is a must.

GeekBeat.TV - Calie Lewis is peppy!  She's a little much at first, but 
she grows on you.  She covers new devices and an affinity for robotics. 
It's short and fun.

Hak5 - Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse put on a show that I see as, 
"senseless diatribe", most of the time.  It's amazing how lucid Darren 
can be when on TNT (Tech News Today) and how childish he is on his own 
show.  That said, every week they push out important information 
regarding valuable hacks.  Who doesn't love Man-In-The-Middle attacks at 
the local coffee shop?

Here is the Audio:

thisismynextpodcast - The furlough boys from Engadget strike back!  We 
don't know [exactly] why Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, and Paul Miller 
left the company [Engadget], but we know that they have knowledge and 
humor.  The podcast is awesome, thisismynext.com is wonderful.

Engadget - The video shows are infrequent, but the audio podcasts are 
informative and funny.  Sometimes I wish for the professionalism of 
TNT.  I imagine that they are going through a culture shock due to the 
loss of their executive producers.  It's great right now, but I'm sure 
AOL will screw this up... somehow.

OK, kids!  That is my review and I hope it gives you some insight.  
Squawk back with any recommendations.

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