[sf-lug] separate partition for /home

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Mon Mar 28 09:30:00 PDT 2011

jim writes:
> should not bother making a swap partition over 2GB, 
> as there is some kind of inefficiency for which 2GB 
> is an upper limit of usefulness. if one needs more 

Tyler Trafford writes:
> RedHat says that the "swap = 2*Memory" is only for memory<=2GB.
> For memory >2GB they recommend : "Swap = Memory + 2GB"

Well, there are two, both attributed to Redhat.

I see all kinds of recommendations like this for swap size, but it's
all "$X says to do $Y." I hate following instructions blindly.
Has anyone ever seen an article explaining any of this?  I haven't.
Understanding what's really going on would make the decision clearer.

Christian: your scheme sounds fine. And with 4G RAM, don't sweat
too much over the swap size; the machine will probably never swap.

On my home desktop, I have a 16G root partition (not counting boot,
which is a separate partition) and I'm using a bit over 8G of that.
But this is a development machine with a big disk and I have all
kinds of cruft installed on it. 10G should be plenty for your laptop.

On Ubuntu, you'll only see 3G RAM with the standard kernel; to see
all of it, install the PAE kernel, package linux-image-generic-pae.
I'm not clear why PAE isn't the default.


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