[sf-lug] berkeley rent stabilization board needs open-source software

Brett Mahar brett.mahar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 12:24:00 PDT 2011

>>>      and they're about to contract some non-open-source software to run
>>> their
>>>      database, so they'll be locked into that crap for the next 40 years,
>>> plus
>>>      they'll be blowing public money on closed-source software.
>>>      What can they use instead?  They basically need a database program
>>> where
>>>      they can enter data on each property, and call up the record for a
>>>      property on the screen where everything is shown in a template, and
>>> they
>>>      can hit PRINT.
>>>      sounds simple right?  any suggestions?

How about LibreOffice/OpenOffice Base? Easier to set up and use than
MySQL and such, and has a GUI.


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