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jim jim at systemateka.com
Wed Mar 23 17:32:07 PDT 2011

thanks __much__ ken! 
    i'm at noisebridge, waiting for the start of the 
linux discussion group (wed 6 to 8 PM), and i'll 
definitely share your note with them. 

On Wed, 2011-03-23 at 16:33 -0700, Ken Shaffer wrote:
>  When I mentioned to Jim at a recent SFLUG meeting that I was spending
> some time at the Ubuntu site helping out people who have problems, he
> suggested I write up a note for the mailing list -- others may be
> interested, both as a way to find answers to questions and to offer
> their expertise to others.
>     I've always been aware of the "bugs" section at the ubuntu.com
> site, but have never looked much at the two support sections:  1)the
> web based community support and 2)the mailing list for technical
> questions.  Much to my surprise, the two are apparently totally
> separate entities, each requiring their own login.
>    The last few months, I've started to  spend more time at the
> ubuntu.com site helping out in the "technical answers system" (From
> www.ubuntu.com, click on the support tab, then the "Techincal Answers
> System" link). Here, people can post technical questions about Ubuntu
> or applications and get help from other users.  The questions are
> categorized for quick search filtering.  Support groups, both formal
> and informal, tend to form around the categories.  Mostly I respond to
> installation or wireless setup problems -- the first hurdles for new
> users interested in getting a working Ubuntu system.  Help is welcome
> from anyone, but before formally joining a support team, you need to
> generate a gpg key and sign the code of conduct.  
>    I also find the technical questions section is a pretty good place
> to learn alternate ways of dealing with a variety of problems I
> encounter on an Ubuntu system.  When others are asking about a problem
> which you also have, you might pick up a workaround, or even decide to
> file a bug report.
> Ken Shaffer 
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