[sf-lug] Apache & UBU configurations

Shane Tzen shane at faultymonk.org
Mon Mar 21 11:36:37 PDT 2011

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 4:01 PM, Eric W. Rasmussen <ericwrasmussen at gmail.com
> wrote:

> 1st.  What size do you think my SWAP should be and at what priority?  Note
> that I am also vm'ing OSX and WIN7 with 2Gb RAM each and sometimes
> simultaneously.  I don't hibernate so I was thinking that 2Gb with a
> [vm.swappiness=10] would be fine.  Thoughts?

There's generally no reason why you need to tweak swappiness.  I'd leave it
alone unless you're seeing undesirable behavior.  2GB is more than enough
for swap, most likely it won't ever be used.

> 2nd. What size should my /root partition be?  It looks like I am at 4.5Gb
> of 15Gb as I speak.  Maybe the following question might bring some clarity
> to my goals.

8-40GB.  Matter of how paranoid you want to be.  I'd be surprised if you use
more than 10.  You can also look into using LVM and grow partitions and
filesystems as needed, but as a practical matter, 15 should be more than you
ever need for /.

> 3rd. I need to run a LAMP server for local web development.  Under Win this
> was easy using WAMP2.  But under Linux I am seeing that working with the
> /var/www/ directory is kind of a pain.  I have read that I might want to
> install a separate partition for /var. If so, what is a good size for
> multiple sites (I was thinking 10Gb). If I could have a /home/user/www
> directory so that read/write permissions aren't a problem and it is easily
> accessible, that would be even better.  Thoughts?

Nothing wrong with /var/www.  Put your users into the www-data group or use
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