[sf-lug] Apache & UBU configurations

Ramin K ramin-list at badapple.net
Fri Mar 18 17:18:54 PDT 2011

On 3/18/2011 4:26 PM, jim wrote:
>      as to /var/ i used to use /var/ for a separate partition,
> but learned (sadly, as usual) not to do that: /var/ stores
> system files that may be needed unpredictably and
> immediately. should the filesystem for /var/ be unavailable,
> there's no predicting what bad things might happen. i don't
> like pain at all, am highly avoidant, and now make sure /var/
> is part of the  /  filesystem.

	I'm curious when and which distro did this. I've never had an issue 
with /var being a partition though in my fledgling admin days I did 
learn not to put /etc on it's own partition. Systems get upset when they 
can't find /etc/fstab.


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