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jim jim at well.com
Fri Mar 18 16:26:58 PDT 2011

cool! great questions. 

    as to swap, my incomplete answer for you is a single 1G 
swap partition is what i have: 
sda1 on / 
sda2 swap 
sda3 on /home/ 
    Red Hat has some docs that claims that over 2GB is 
useless swap space. if you really need lots of swap space, 
have multiple <= 2GB swap partitions. 
    I've never had a problem with a single 1G swap partition. 

    as to /var/ i used to use /var/ for a separate partition, 
but learned (sadly, as usual) not to do that: /var/ stores 
system files that may be needed unpredictably and 
immediately. should the filesystem for /var/ be unavailable, 
there's no predicting what bad things might happen. i don't 
like pain at all, am highly avoidant, and now make sure /var/ 
is part of the  /  filesystem. 
    i no longer bother using /var/log/ or /var/www/ for 
separate mount points (not on my laptop, for sure). you can 
set /var/www/ as a separate mount point with no risk of 
system functionality if the filesystem were unavailable. 
    in olden tymes /var/www/ was the commonly used directory 
for web site storage (hence a separate partition/file system). 
i understand that /opt/ or /srv/ are now the new, modern, hip 
directories to use, and having them as mount points makes 

    as to the size for the  /  filesystem, i am overly liberal, 
i'm sure, but that's due to my natural paranoid leanings. the 
fear is that i might add more software that has more libs and 
docs and whatever that loads up storage. depends on how much 
more software you expect to add. 
    note that /usr/share/ has a lot of stuff in it, and none 
of it is critical to system functioning, so that's a candidate 
mount point to reduce the use of the storage you've allocated 
for the / tree. 

    if you're in the more-patitions-is-good-paritioning camp, 
consider using /usr/local/ as a mount point. 

On Fri, 2011-03-18 at 16:01 -0700, Eric W. Rasmussen wrote:
> Hello all.  I am new to the sf-lug group and plan on attending the 
> Sunday meetings.  Mondays don't work for me because of the times (6-8).  
> I wouldn't call myself a beginner to Linux as I have played around with 
> it since my first Mandrake install back in 2003.  Casual user, yes.  I 
> have now migrated 100% to Ubuntu and virtualized Win7 and OSX for 
> specific tasks.  Of coarse, not everything works flawlessly, but I know 
> that I can modify as time goes on.  Anyway, down to business.
> I am running an Asus laptop with an i5 Intel, 8Gb RAM, and 640Gb HDD. 
> This machine is exclusively for personal use... no other users.
> 1st.  What size do you think my SWAP should be and at what priority?  
> Note that I am also vm'ing OSX and WIN7 with 2Gb RAM each and sometimes 
> simultaneously.  I don't hibernate so I was thinking that 2Gb with a 
> [vm.swappiness=10] would be fine.  Thoughts?
> 2nd. What size should my /root partition be?  It looks like I am at 
> 4.5Gb of 15Gb as I speak.  Maybe the following question might bring some 
> clarity to my goals.
> 3rd. I need to run a LAMP server for local web development.  Under Win 
> this was easy using WAMP2.  But under Linux I am seeing that working 
> with the /var/www/ directory is kind of a pain.  I have read that I 
> might want to install a separate partition for /var. If so, what is a 
> good size for multiple sites (I was thinking 10Gb). If I could have a 
> /home/user/www directory so that read/write permissions aren't a problem 
> and it is easily accessible, that would be even better.  Thoughts?
> 4th.  I hate trackpads on laptops and this is why I run with my external 
> mouse.  Under Win, I could set the trackpad off whenever an external was 
> plugged in.  Not so under Linux. I put this command [xinput set-int-prop 
> "ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad" "Device Enabled" 8 0] in my startup 
> applications but it isn't activating.  I am getting tired of manually 
> running the command every time I boot.  Thoughts?
> OK.  That's it for right now.  Any help will be returned.  Hope everyone 
> has a great weekend.
> Eric W. Rasmussen
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