[sf-lug] Mobile Linux, glibc, Java

Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 19:44:01 PST 2011

I think to use the cell phone you need to get a little thingy (i forget the
geekspeek) from the provider which you put in (this uses a standard slot
perhaps located behind the battery, for generic phones) So it hooks up to
their network and uses a certain protocol whatever standard they use. After
that 3G, 4G I am not sure but I think the N900 does 3G max...

Anyway thanks for the info, I have pondered the N900 seen on Ebay and
considered the design but seeing that indeed it needs a hardware update. I
really like the design though. I may still get one, money is tight for me
but we'll see.

Anybody upgrades, keep me in mind to buy your old N900 when the time comes
to replace it.

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 12:51 PM, Michael Shiloh <michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com
> wrote:

> My N900 has wifi and I assume it could have connectivity via the cellphone
> network over GPRS or something faster; I haven't paid for a data plan so I
> don't know how this works.
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