[sf-lug] Ubuntu User wannabe!

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Sat Jan 22 13:52:55 PST 2011

On 01/22/2011 01:35 PM, Ken Shaffer wrote:
> Molly,
> I concur with Jim about running off the live CD or a live USB, which 
> you can create from the CD and have some update capability (like 
> drivers, your config choices, etc.).  I doubt there's anything on the 
> HP Tools partition Linux needs, but since it does give you (or the 
> person doing maintenance on the machine) some hooks into the BIOS, I 
> would keep it.  If they put the partition at the end of the disk, not 
> even much space will be lost.  Grub will probably offer it as a boot 
> choice.
>   I never Tell AT&T or Comcast I'm running Linux, but I connect to 
> both with no problems.  When a Comcast installer asked for a laptop, I 
> did run windows for him, but after having trouble with IE, he switched 
> to firefox, so I guess Linux firefox would have done what he needed. 
> (Anyway, my Linksys router plugged into Comcast is running Linux, so 
> they definitely have no problem talking to Linux). I hear AT&T's 
> mobile dongles need to be initialized from a Windows box, but they run 
> just fine under Linux and NetworkManager.

     That will be fine until problems arise.  When problems happen they
want IE don't they.  They do at ATT otherwise you pay for 3rd party
support.    Back on the Amiga in A-Web the fall-down browser you
could spoof as IE or other browser with a click or two on the right
>     Ken, if I want to destroy Windows and all its minions, can I just
>     wipe the whole disk (including the HP Tools) and not lose firmware
>     grips on my hardware? Or Linux is magick and comes pre-packed with
>     its own drivers? Or, or, if I'm missing a driver, I just make eyes
>     at the multiverse and it hands it to me on a silver platter? Yes?

     If you want to see if your hardware is supported then you find our 
exactly what hardware
you have and check online at Linux hardware site.



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