[sf-lug] todays meeting at enchanted cafe

Bobbie Sellers bliss at sfo.com
Sun Jan 2 20:02:46 PST 2011

On 01/02/2011 07:31 PM, ron wellman wrote:
> let's see, I came in at 10, bobbie came at 11 and jim came at 12.
> I had a very productive morning with Jeff. Bobbie and Alex. We wiped 
> the TP and installed Ubuntu, and tweaked the Ubuntu installation on 
> the Zareason laptop. I say tweaked because we did work arounds and did 
> not really fix the problems. I will be working on this later. I have 
> now freed up my three old Dell Latitude laptopsnthat have worked 
> faithfully for many years but are sloooow, one will become a server. I 
> want to thank everyone who was there, it was nice to see you again. 
> there were eight of us, and things were still going strong when I left 
> at 1:30.

     Thanks Ron.  We had Jeff and Catherine(for the first time in two 
years) and some new people as
well as Jim,  Jim gave me a ride home a bit after 1 PM and took 
Catherine to see Noisebridge.
More computers on hand than most Sunday meetings lately.

     I had my own problems in the last couple of days.  I tried to carve 
a partition out of Windows but ended
up destroying Windows on my machine.  It took me from Noon to 3 PM on 
Saturday to figure that out.

     Then I tried an install of Kubunto to my new and empty partition 
but it failed to be able
to access my home directory.   I had to give up after an hour or so and 
tried to fix the
Mandriva that was there to boot.  I got to boot but my /home was still 
inaccessible and
ended up doing a whole re-install of Mandriva then was down-loading 
update that took
me to Mandriva 2010.2.  In the process it wiped out my good nVidia 
driver and my
printer configuration.  And I still could not access my /home.  As a matter
of fact I was up until 3 AM Sunday morning working on that problem which
related it seems to the Distro makers deciding to change the users to new
numbered groups and where as I had been bliss with a group of 500
which  was the group that the /home directory belonged to.  It had
changed my group number to 1000.  I had to delete my old user bliss
with that group and create a new user bliss with the group 500.

     After I got back here today I worked on catching up with my e-mail
and the like.  Then I got the printer drivers re-installed and working.
Now I will have to leave the nVidia to tomorrow because I am already
sick of rooting around the tree and will have to wait until I finish the
errands tomorrow to correct this final problem.


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