[sf-lug] todays meeting at enchanted cafe

ron wellman wellmanron at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 19:31:27 PST 2011

let's see, I came in at 10, bobbie came at 11 and jim came at 12.
I had a very productive morning with Jeff. Bobbie and Alex. We wiped the TP
and installed Ubuntu, and tweaked the Ubuntu installation on the Zareason
laptop. I say tweaked because we did work arounds and did not really fix the
problems. I will be working on this later. I have now freed up my three old
Dell Latitude laptopsnthat have worked faithfully for many years but are
sloooow, one will become a server. I want to thank everyone who was there,
it was nice to see you again. there were eight of us, and things were still
going strong when I left at 1:30.
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