[sf-lug] Hi; about that printer you got for your setup?

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Tue Dec 14 10:05:15 PST 2010

Rick Moen writes:
> In recent Linux systems using udev to populate the /dev tree, you no
> longer really want to solve missing-device-file problems using the
> traditional 'Well, just use mknod to create it, then' [ ... ]
> Why not?  Simply because under the udev regime and similar things, the
> /dev tree evaporates and is autorebuilt at each reboot.
[ ... ]
> Aren't you glad we have things like udev to make our systems 'simpler'?  ;->

Especially since mknod is well documented and udev is not.  Grr.
Fortunately, for scanners you can usually just copy an existing rule.

But there is a secret way to use the old simple mknod: create the
node in /lib/udev/devices/ rather than /dev, and udev will create it
in /dev on every boot.

It's possible they'll remove that at some point ...  but for now
it's an easy way of cheating if you know the node you want and don't
want to spend days debugging a custom udev rule.


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