[sf-lug] Hi; about that printer you got for your setup?

Alex Kleider a_kleider at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 13 09:14:32 PST 2010

Good to hear from you, Mikki.
I'm not sure about what you meant with regard to hard drives but my experience with printers and scanners is as follows.
Printers: I've currently got two running, one on each of my two home networks. Both are laser printers and both are network printers. CUPS is good at dealing with IPP, the Internet Printing Protocol, and I had no trouble setting them up. The CUPS web interface walks the user through the configuration process and selects appropriate defaults in most if not all instances. A new release (as of probably a year or more ago, actually 'discovers' network printers and is extremely easy to use.
It's been a long time since I've hooked up a USB connected printer but as I remember, the process was not too difficult.
Scanners: BAD! I have an Epson scanner that I'd like to put into use but I've been unsuccessful. There was an article about this subject in Linux Journal recently but that didn't help. 
One final work about Laser Printers: I got one for $50 from a guy in Mountainview that takes them out of offices when they upgrade equipment so he has tons of second hand printers to sell. I might be able to find his name if you need it but Christian Einfeldt might know off the top of his head since he got the guy to donate to his school(s.)
Good luck,

a_kleider at yahoo.com

--- On Sun, 12/12/10, Mikki McGee <mikkimc at earthlink.net> wrote:

From: Mikki McGee <mikkimc at earthlink.net>
Subject: Hi;  about that printer you got for your setup?
To: "Alex Kleider" <a_kleider at yahoo.com>
Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010, 9:58 AM

Hi, Alex;

    Well, I still am having troubles with printers, setups, and so
forth.  Not all has been my own fault - two laptops have died, despite
frantic first aid.   My profit on't is,  I have four functional
hard-drives, with four different functional versions of Ubuntu on
them?  Is that a profit, then, I wonder?

    Well, also I have had a great deal of trouble with printers, and
with scanners.  The one hard-drive I am getting ready to try to use in
the mini-laptop seems to have a functional driver for the "other
scanner" on it, and Grant showed me how to access that direct (booting
up) with the mini,  while on an USB port, and I am getting up courage
to try to get it to run in full graphic mode, before a week Monday.  It
has Ubuntu 8.04 on it, and that may work better than the eeeBuntu.  I
am not happy with the eeeBuntu.  

    So, I am curious about the printer you bought, the process you used
for deciding and finding it, and what system you are using on your
machine -  I copied out the greek and gibberish of the e-mail
explanations, but they make little sense to me.  If the Asus eee can
run full mode with the 8.04 version, I will change hard drives, and try
to find something in th laser-printer line.   What I have now is too
expensive to run.  

    Going onto the LUG message line will just get me more gobbledegoop,
in some foreign language I can't seem to fathom.  

Hoping to hear from you 

Bless All



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