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giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sun Aug 22 15:32:35 PDT 2010

Hi Christian, Al Stoll, & Stoll-Law people.   :)

May I provide you some thoughts?

looks like a very professional operation.  Great.  :)

Christian, your post was asking for a bid for services, & that I don't
have a direct reply to.

But, I have some thoughts for you, Al, & your co-workers that might be

Since I think you personally do good work, & the Stoll Law office
appears to be a quality organization, I wish that you all have great
success in a switch to using GNU(Linux) free software.

Here are a few thoughts & suggestions for that effort:

First, a few quick points on my qualifications on this:

I first programmed a computer almost 40 years ago.  I was awarded a BS
degree in Electrical Engineering by the University of California at
Berkeley.  I've used Microsoft products, including DOS, & Windows from
their earliest days onward.

For more than 10 years I have used almost solely GNU(Linux) software,
and essentially no Microsoft software, for engineering related work,
simple office type work, & personal use.  For several of the common
reasons people use GNU(Linux).

I currently use KUbuntu 10.04 on a quad core computer - a modestly high
end machine.  That works fairly well.  I've used KUbuntu for about the
past 5 years.

In my nonexistent free time I volunteer organize an Free cost, global
community group whose purposes are educational, productive & social -
BerkeleyTIP.  About all free software, hardware & culture.

I am not a GNU(Linux) zealot.  But, I do have high enthusiasm for the
GNU(Linux) [& BSD]  free software & communities.

Christian - I know of your great work with GNU(Linux) for schools, &
your educational GNU(Linux) videos.  Those are great contributions.

I know you as a highly productive community contributor, & leader, with
respect to implementing educational social systems & technology for Free
software use in community & educational organizations.

You also have a very decent, above average, technical competency with
GNU(Linux) systems - compared to my estimation of those skills possessed
by most attorneys.

It is not surprising an intelligent business person:
"is sick and tired of Microsoft Windows problems,
and he is willing to consider a move to GNU-Linux"

I wish you, he & your company all the best in:
"He has asked me to find a
company that could do the initial move, and could provide on-going
We would like to speak with companies that could bid to do this work."

"Al is willing to
consider OpenOffice.org, but we would need to be assured that OOo would
be able to be a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office."

I doubt it is.

I think OO is highly valuable, & could be the foundation for a highly
productive law office.

I think you & the firm will find descriptions of successful
implementations of OO in businesses & government operations on the Open
Office mailing list.

I highly recommend you subscribe & peruse that list.

See below for information on the recent OO thread:
"[users] Need help to Market OOo"

"he and the rest of the staff are very much end users,
> and we would need to make sure that we don't put them through a huge
> learning curve.  They need to be able to leave on Friday and come back to
> work on Monday, and get maybe half a day of training and then they need
> to
> be able to be off to the races again, as our office is a high-pressure
> office with very serious personal injury cases (brain damage cases, etc). "

I think that time frame (weekend plus day, given appropriate
preparation) is undoable.

I do think the best approach is to produce, then follow, a graduated,
step by step transition plan to switching to incrementally more & more
free(dom) software.

Some technologies that can be well implemented on a step by step basis, 
making increasingly & incrementally more successful steps to productive
free software use, 
perhaps over a 6 to 12 month time frame, 

1) Starting with the free software Firefox web browser for employees.
2) Implementing back end free sw network administration.
3) Installing a database, & transitioning increasing parts of database
workload to that system.
4) Implementing free software email capability.
... etc

Making a good transition plan,
& progressive steps toward success, 
using careful planning & education & training for the employees, 
would likely lead the Stoll Law firm to:

1) Improved systems uptime,
2) Improved office worker & attorney productivity,
3) Happier law firm management & employees, 
due to both better productivity, 
& to the great feelings that come from contributing to the success of
our wider society, 
by using the community produced & oriented, high quality, educational,
productive, GNU(Linux)  - [ or BSD  ;)  ]  -  software & systems.

Best wishes to you all.  :)

Please let us know, here on this list, how the steps toward progress are
working out.

Giovanni Re

=====  Open Office mailing list success stories info.
=====  users at openoffice.org
=====  Subject: [users] Need help to Market OOo

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 14:05:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Gregory Forster <gforst.1956 at sbcglobal.net>

I need examples of government entities, 
corporations, educational entities that have actually switched to Open
I want to be loaded with uncompromising ammunition of facts to promote

== Replies:
"If you have not already found it, http://marketing.openoffice.org/ is a
good starting point.  Also check the mailing list archives from the
page. "

"Have a look at:
http://www.openoffice.org/news/ "

"Many governments are now requiring open standards if not also open
source. "

"It seems to me that I have heard that both Souyth Africa and France 's
government have adopted Oo, and I think there were other national
governments that have also, not to mention various corporations. Added
to that, do your coleagues know that the Open Source file formats are
ISO approved? I have not heard of MS's formats getting such approval,
but that would bear added research to verify.

This overdone system you mention - is it a relational database app? do
you need to bring outside data into an Oo Base database? Does that need
to be password protected?

If I went into what can be done with OoBase here, this would be an
absurdly long post, but email me if any of this is of interest. "

... etc.

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010 12:06:06 -0700, "Christian Einfeldt"
<einfeldt at gmail.com> said:
> hi,
> My employer, Al Stoll, is sick and tired of Microsoft Windows problems,
> and
> he is willing to consider a move to GNU-Linux.  He has asked me to find a
> company that could do the initial move, and could provide on-going
> support.

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