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Fri Jul 23 19:45:50 PDT 2010

Again, thanks.

Some thing else comes to mind:

The cache unbound keeps: is it only in memory or does it write to disk? If it's the latter, I think I'd be advised to change the default or use a symlink so that the data goes to the attached external hard drive rather than the sd card that is serving in place of a hard drive (housing the OS) on the plug.

Am I thinking appropriately in this regard?


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> Date: Friday, July 23, 2010, 5:27 PM
> Alex, just an afterthought about
> Unbound and similar recursive 
> DNS nameservers:
> One of the interesting points of comparison among recursive
> daemons is
> binary footprint.  I just got some data on this from
> Sam Trenholme, 
> who's just released a new entry, named "Deadwood" (beta, so
> not quite
> production-ready)
> dnscache (stock version):  45,016 bytes
> Deadwood 2.9.01 beta:  64,418 bytes
> PowerDNS Recursor:  503,860 bytes
> Unbound:  1,745,920 bytes
> BIND9:  4,055,552 bytes
> This is one of the reasons why I and many other sysadmins
> have a
> troubled relationship with BIND9 ;-> , and why I've been
> an advocate for 
> PowerDNS recursor and Unbound on the recursive side, and
> for NSD where
> one must do authoritative service.  (Authoritative
> service is when you
> are serving up a domain's DNS content for yourself or a
> friend, where
> it's your or your friend's domain.)
> Here's information about Sam's beta:
> http://linuxmafia.com/faq/Network_Other/dns-servers.html#deadwood
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